How To Retrieve Deleted Messages On iPhone

How To Retrieve Deleted Messages On iPhone

Techniques to retrieve deleted messages on IPhone

In today’s time our mobile plays an important role in our life. Our contact numbers and texts are sometimes so important to us that we can’t afford to lose them in any case. Some messages have such important information that we keep reusing them with time whenever required. If you are using IPhone for receiving and sending messages and you may have a routine of deleting useless messages. Then might be accidently you can delete some important messages or if in any case your important messages are deleted from your IPhone then in this situation if you are afraid of mislay some important messages so don’t worry you can retrieve deleted messages on IPhone. Here we are going to discuss different techniques that How To Retrieve Deleted Messages On iPhone?

After deletion of messages actually they don’t get removed from the system and they got saved somewhere in the system that you can’t see. Technically those marked messages for deletion got invisible for user and stay in the system till the messages overwrite limit does not get crossed. So it is possible to retrieve deleted messages on IPhone and here we are going to discuss the different ways and the steps that that how to retrieve deleted messages on IPhone?

1.      Retrieve deleted messages from iTunes Backup: You can easily retrieve deleted messages from iTunes Backup and this is only possible when you usually do backup for IPhone data. Here are some steps given below that how you can retrieve messages by using iTunes Backup:

·         First of all connect your IPhone with PC

·         Do Synchronization

·         iTunes should be open

·         Select restore backup option

Automatically your deleted data will get back in your handset and you can see deleted messages in the list. This process might take few minutes to get complete.

2.      Retrieve deleted messages from iCloud Backup: This backup is available in limited territories and handsets. If you can avail this facility then here are some steps given below to do this process:

·         Go to website

·         Fill your ID and Password

·         Go in settings and select” iCloud on your phone”

·         Then Turn of Text Messages and you will see some Pop Up

·         Select keep on My Phone

·         Turn on Text messages

Then select merge and wait after some time you will see your deleted messages in your list.

3.      Retrieve deleted messages from other Apps: You can also retrieve deleted messages by installing other party apps like Phone Rescue and others. You just need to download install the app and follow the instructions carefully.

So in these above discussed ways can retrieve deleted messages from IPhone.

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